The overall objective of the project is to increase cross border job opportunities for professionals working with neurosensorimotor disorders by improving their skills in joint interdisciplinary and innovative life long learning training, which would be based on the science and practice. During the project there will be developed an informal, interdisciplinary training program for professionals with a higher education, which covers the latest trends in science and practice of neurosensorimotor disorders field. It is planned that 80 participants – professionals from Šiauliai and Kurzeme regions – will participate in 7 joint training sessions on latest scientific and practical achievements in the field of alternative medicine physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy (animals and art therapy).

The result of the project is to instruct specialists of different professions to work in team, combining different methods of rehabilitation, taking in mind individual needs, opportunities and type of impairment of patients. The development of ability of teamwork of specialists who represents different professions and will be taught to work according to the new and effective complementary and alternative methods (art and animal therapy), that are significant in the rehabilitation processes, development of skills in the work with diagnostic equipment that supports creation of individual programs for the patients.

Financial support provided by Interreg V-A Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020