VLE Moodle support

VU ITPC administers a virtual learning environment for Moodle, advises teachers on e. material addition issues. From 2018 On September 1, you will no longer need to create or order new courses - all courses will be created automatically according to the data presented in the Study Information System VUSIS. 

 For all questions about VMA environment - write to e-mail: or contact us by phone: 85 236 6283, 85 219 3287. After the request, the order is made within three working days.

Computer examination

Computer examinations are carried out in the computer classrooms of Vilnius University Information Technology Services Center (Vilnius, Saulėtekio al. 9, IInd Connecting House, 108 auditorium) as well as in the auditorium 203 and 208 (Vilnius, Saulėtekio al. 9, II palace). The Vilnius University Virtual Learning Environment (VMA) is used for computer examinations at Vilnius University. Exams may also take place in other departments, but the professor must coordinate with the IT staff of this department. In total VU ITPC computer rooms have 118 workplaces. You can view the computer rooms by clicking on the link:

 To order a computer exam, you need to fill in the Electronic Resource Order Form or write an e-mail: or contact us by phone: 85 236 6283, 85 219 3287.

Video conferences

Video conferencing is the communication of the people present at the conference at a distance using video conferencing. Video conferencing technologies not only deliver high-quality image and sound, but also allow for the transmission of other digital or digitized information and data at the same time. Video conferences can be used in the study process by organizing various scientific events (discussions, seminars, scientific, practical conferences). The ITPC staff arranges live broadcasts at the customer's location. Live broadcasts (lectures, conferences, other events) are produced and broadcast on Youtube, Facebok or the user's WWW page. Also, ITPC staff can film and broadcast conferences, lectures and other events.

To order a video broadcast service - write e-mail to or call: 85 239 8759.

Trainings of VU staff

ITPC staff regularly provide trainings about the application of  e-learning technology in the teaching process. Training information is published on the Internet, and if you are interested in specific training (you can order training in your department) you should contact the directly by e-mail: or call: 85 236 6282.